The Uncharted Vision

"Cutting loose the anchors, they left them in the sea, and at the same time untied the ropes that held the rudders.

Then they hoisted the foresail to the wind."

- Acts 27:40

Our primary goal

100% Engagement

UNCHARTED is, first and foremost, a discipleship initiative. We want to learn new things about God and ourselves. We want to seek radical devotion to Christ and His Kingdom. We want every single person at Grace to take his or her next step and grow in generosity. Whether you've never given anything before or you're a consistent and thoughtful giver, there is always a next step for us to take in surrendering ownership of our resources and lives. We are asking you to pray daily about what that may be!

Our dream is that every person who calls Grace Covenant "home" would acknowledge and declare Jesus is before all else in their lives. Through UNCHARTED, we are calling everyone to get beyond the buoys of consumerism and think differently about how we view the possessions and resources that God has entrusted to our care. That means all of us at Grace are being challenged to give God our first and our best, making Jesus our highest priority!

  • The next level of Surrender

    What are we holding back from the Lordship of Jesus and need to relinquish to Him?

  • The next level of Faith

    What step do we need to take that moves us beyond the safety of the harbor and into a whole new dependence upon Jesus?

  • The next level of Generosity

    What new level of generosity will express deep gratitude for what Christ has done for us?

Our secondary goal

As we put God first before all things, we have identified three areas to focus our Kingdom impact. We are trusting the Lord to move through each of us at Grace Covenant to raise $21 million over the next two years to accomplish the vision He has given us.

This is a one-fund project. That means we are trusting God for this amount to cover ALL our expenses in 2024 & 2025 - our ongoing general budget and our additional vision.

Uncharted Generosity
in our


Together, we will invest in our ongoing ministries and trust God to accelerate the life-changing impact already happening in the lives of children, students, and adults. Our commitment is to be a steadfast church, unwavering in glorifying God through worship and the Word. This involves proclaiming the Gospel and fostering a culture of discipleship that multiples disciples.

As disciples ourselves, we aim to ensure that upcoming generations have unimpeded access to places for discipleship. We gather in disciple groups to exalt the name of Jesus and venture onto the mission field by serving at our campuses, with local partners, and globally. Our dedication is to deepen our relationships with Jesus, eagerly anticipating the transformative work God will accomplish within and through us.

In short, we will continue to invest in ministry!

There is much more work to be done to expose our cities and neighborhoods to Jesus!

Uncharted Generosity
in our


We want to increase outreach to our world by increasing our investment in local and global partner ministries, including the Neighborhood Care Center, the Dr. Mary Bennett Foundation in Linefork, transitional housing for sex trafficking victims, and other opportunities.

Uncharted Generosity
in our


As a multisite church, Grace Covenant has the unique opportunity and responsibility to impact different areas around Lake Norman. We will do this by strategically investing in our campuses, pioneering new and relevant facilities where people meet with Jesus and one another, and launching into whole new communities through church planting. We must ensure that upcoming generations have spaces for Christ-formation that are refreshing, relevant and unlimited!